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iPhone Unlock Process



I have an iPhone 4. I have requested for this to be unlocked and got a confirmation mail from Meteor telling me it will take "up to 10 working days". It's been 11 calendar but not yet 10-working days.


What I want to know is - do I get some sort of notification when the phone is remotely unlocked or do I have to keep trying at random intervals?


Can I only verify this by putting a new operators sim into the phone? I'd like to verify the unlocking process before initiating a port.

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Re: iPhone Unlock Process


unless you want to provide your IMEI number to dodgy web services (not recommended) or keep calling meteor customer care, the easiest way is indeded to keep trying with a different SIM card. 

Note that most of the time it will take the full 10 working days because once the unlock was requested by meteor, it is entirely in Apple's hands to whitelist the phone to "unlocked" status.

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Re: iPhone Unlock Process

Hi foxo,

When your unlocking code is available through your iTunes account an email will be sent to you advising of the process for unlocking your phone.

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